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Online poker betting strategy college football betting lines bovada mobile

Online poker betting strategy

A Continuation bet is used only when we took the lead in the betting before the flop by making a raise. The flop comes down and completely misses our hand. We have the option here of making a Continuation bet, where we maintain the perception of strength that we have given our opponents before the flop. What were hoping to do here is pick up the pot right here without any further action. The chances are that our opponents have also missed the flop, and this show of strength before the flop followed by a continuation of that perception of strength after the flop may force your opponent to fold.

So if your opponent has also missed the flop the chances are a continuation bet will chase them out of the pot, if your opponent has hit something on the flop then you are able to get away from the hand without committing too many chips to the pot.

A Probe bet is similar to a continuation bet but has a slight difference. In this situation your opponent has taken the lead in the betting before the flop and then after the flop he has not bet. Now this creates a problem for you because you are now getting mixed signals from your opponent, he has shown strength before the flop, and now has shown weakness after the flop. So we need to decide whether the weakness our opponent has shown is genuine or whether it is a trap. This is a bet of about a third of the pot.

If we were not to make a probe bet at this point not only would we lose the chance to take the pot there and then, but we would also go into the Turn card having little idea of what our opponent is holding. As effective as the slow play move can be, it does have increased risk as it gives your opponent a chance to catch up and overtake your hand. It is for this reason that we should only use this play with strong hands and only in certain situations. The slow play basically works by acting weak in the hope of hiding the strength of your hand.

However a good opponent should spot that there is a straight possibility on the flop and may be cautious. If you were to lead in and make a value bet of half of the pot, the chances are that your opponent may wonder if you have the straight and maybe fold. If you slow play this hand and check, your opponent may think that you are scared of someone holding a straight, and try to represent that he has it by making a bet hoping that you will fold and he can take the pot there and then.

You then have the option to either raise him and reveal your strength or just call and continue the slow play into the next round of betting. By making this move you have got your opponent to commit chips to the pot and increased the size of the pot in a situation where you have a very strong hand. That poses the question of how much? But first, a little more on aggression to drive home the point:. However, calling with some hands after someone else has raised is fine. There are some situations where open limping is a good idea but they are so few and far between that never limping is a good starting preflop poker strategy — especially for a beginner.

Unfortunately, when a player is passive there is only one way to win the pot — by having the best hand. This difference is hugely important and is the reason all big winners are aggressive poker players; while most losing poker players are quite passive. Preflop poker strategy Tip 3: Take the initiative and be aggressive.

So what hands should you play? There are very few premium hands in poker but when we do get these hands we should be trying to build a pot as big as possible and as quickly as possible. These hands are:. AK is considered to be a powerful hand because:. Strong hands are hands you should also always be raised when first entering the pot. These hands should be called when someone has already raised before you. These hands include:. Large suited and connected hands such as QJs, JTs, are also considered strong hands.

Suited hands derive their strength from being able to make flushes. However, do not overestimate the value of suited hands. The value of a hand is derived from the combination of the ranks of the two hole cards. You need to be careful of this hand type. Medium suited connectors such as 87s are also considered to be medium-strength hands. If all you take from this section is these four points you will still have significantly improved your chances of winning.

Postflop, there are many factors which we must take into account before we make a decision. The number of variables makes each decision quite complicated for a beginner. Secondly, we should be considering what our opponent may be holding. Does our opponent have only strong hands if he is a tight player?

But it is important as a new player to begin thinking about what your opponent may have. Postflop poker strategy Tip 1: Always consider what your opponent could be holding. Next, we should consider the board texture. For example, is the board likely to have improved your hand or your competitors? Is the board likely to change very much on the turn or river? Another consideration is how many players made it to the flop.

If the flop is heads up only you and your opponent the strength of each hand is much better than if five or even six people made it to the flop. The more players that see the flop, turn, and river the less likely you are to win a showdown with a weak holding such as one pair. For more information on the differences between multiway and heads up pots, head over to pokernews.

Before we discuss post-flop poker strategy and board composition in detail, we need to make sure the notation is clear to everyone. In some cases, pictures will be used to show board textures, but often just text will be employed. When describing the board with text i. To take an example, the board:. It is sometimes shortened further to 5K5r. When the flop has a flush draw i. There are many types of boards, but in general, they can be broken down into two types: dry board textures and wet board textures.

Why are these boards considered dry? The most important factor is that neither of these two board has many straight-draw or flush-draw possibilities. The lack of draws means that if you have a hand like A5 on the K55 board or 44 on the board you are very unlikely to be beaten by your opponent if he is behind on the flop. Looking at the QT9s board, there are many cards which will modify the strength of many hands. Also, there are many hand types that your opponent may have hit this board with:.

On the s board, however, every Ace has an inside straight draw. Every other board type will be somewhere in between the dry K55r and the wet QT9s. Understanding how wet or dry a board is and adjusting your strategy correctly is the key skill at play in this scenario.

For more information on board textures, see this excellent article. A continuation bet, as its name suggests, is when you follow up on your previous aggressive action with another bet. For example, you raise pre-flop and then continue to bet on the flop. Continuation bets are extremely useful postflop poker strategy for two reasons:.

The rate at which you continuation bet should be, on a very basic level, determined by the wetness of the board. The dryer the board, the less likely your opponent hit and therefore the more often we will want to bet so that we can take down the pot. But we should also be more prone to bet when we have a chance to win the pot when called. In other words, we have pot equity in the form of a draw or overcards.

We opened to 3bb from UTG and got one call from the Button. On the flop of 9h7s3s, we have an inside straight draw and two overcards. Thus this is a good spot for a cbet as a bluff. We expect him to fold hands which are better than ours. However, if he does continue, we have a good chance of making a stronger hand with a J, T or 8. But in this case, it is almost a perfect situation for a bluff. Both check to us on the flop. This situation is a clear spot to value bet value betting and bluffing are discussed in the next section.

The flop is relatively wet, and two players can draw out us with straights and flush draws. Therefore, we want to charge them to see them next card. We can get lots of value and win a big pot by betting; thus this is an excellent spot for a value bet. Cbetting for value is a fundamental aspect of our postflop poker strategy and is one of the primary sources of profit at small stakes. Ensure you understand and utilize continuation betting fully by reading our in-depth article. We raise a limper with 98s and get a call from the BB and the player who limped.

Thus it is not a good spot to continuation bet cbet , and we should check behind and fold to any future bets. Continuation bets can also apply to the turn and the river. For example, we refer to betting the flop, turn and river as a continuation bet.

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An example would be inducing a bluff raise which is further explained in the section specifically about bet sizing. Bluffing in poker is betting with what you think will not be the best hand at showdown. If you are bluffing then you don't want your bet to be called by your opponent. Bluffing is basically saying to your opponent that your hand is the better one and that he or she should fold.

It is very important in order to bluff successfully and to not be a big donator of chips instead that your story adds up. In addition your opponent has to pick up on this story and he or she should be capable of laying down a second best hand. The reason that bluffing at the lower stakes is not recommended is that you are mostly dealing with opponents who are not aware of you telling a story to them and who are incapable of laying down hands.

You could make the most elaborate and sophisticated bluff in the world, but if you are dealing with such opponents then this bluff will be nothing more then spew or 'fancy play syndrome'. If you want to bluff, the trick when it comes to bet sizing is to get the job done with as little chips as possible while still keeping up the story of you having a big hand.

You don't want to risk more then necessary and you need to be credible. The more you bet as a bluff, the more often your bluff has to work in order to be profitable. You can also semi-bluff in poker. This is betting when you hold a draw like a flush or a straight draw.

This kind of bluff has several advantages: you could pick up the pot right there with your semi-bluff; it disguises your draw; if you get called then you have outs and it helps you build the pot for when you do hit your draw. Betting for protection is essentially a form of value betting your hand.

By betting for protection you deny your opponents a free card that could give them a better hand when they are drawing. When you are betting with the intention to protect your made hand against draws there is a minimum amount you have to bet in order to let your opponent make a mistake when he or she decides to continue with the hand.

If you bet too little, then you give your opponent the right pot odds to call and try to outdraw you. Note that you can't make your opponent fold a hand. You can only make sure that s he makes a mistake when continuing with the hand. Betting in poker is seen as an act of aggression.

It gives you momentum: other players will have to make at least a decent hand or otherwise collect the nerves to bluff their way out if they want to continue when you keep on betting. Betting to gain initiative and to exploit this initiative as with a continuation bet is therefore essentially a form of bluffing as you don't fully rely on the strength of your hands. Although bluffing at the low stakes poker games is not recommended, betting to gain initiative and continuation betting on the flop are very important strategies to incorporate into your game.

Betting for information is probably one of the vaguest reasons you could bet for, yet it is often mentioned by poker players. The problem with betting for information is that when your bet for information just gets called this often doesn't tell you a whole lot about your opponent's hand.

At the same time however, the pot is getting bigger and bigger while your hand probably isn't very strong otherwise you would have just been betting for value. Betting for information is therefore not a very good reason to bet and you might be better of to just check instead. Betting to block is betting when you are first to act with the intention to set the price.

This is usually done with weaker hands when players aren't sure whether their hand is good or not. They don't want to call a big bet by their opponent if they check to him and therefore they bet a smallish amount themselves and hope to not get raised. It can be a valid betting strategy as you get some value from weaker hands and possibly lose less against stronger hands. A key concept when it comes to betting in poker is that you should size your bets in relation to the total pot size just like you should view your opponent's bets relative to the size of the pot.

This is very important, because the bet size relative to the pot size determines the pot odds that you give your opponents. Another important thing to keep in mind is to not vary your bet sizing based on the strength of your hand. If you would do this, other players might notice and get a 'tell' on you. They will see that you are betting strong only with your big hands and avoid paying you off.

Or they might notice that you are betting small with your weak hands or bluffs and push you off of your hands. When you are purely betting for value or as a bluff then you are very free in your bet sizing. As already mentioned, the trick with valuebetting is to bet an amount that wins you the most. This does not necessarily have to be the amount that gets called the most.

As a general rule betting larger against very loose opponents who don't like to lay down their hands will be more profitable. And because at the lower stakes online cash games you will encounter a lot of those opponents it is very important that you bet strong when you are very likely or even sure to be ahead. You could sometimes consider slowing down a bit when the board is unlikely to have hit your opponent and you are holding a monster like top set or bigger yourself. This should be an exception though.

A good thinking player however might see your smaller bet as strength: it looks like you are begging for a call, so you must have a strong hand. In this case a normal or even a large bet size would probably be better. You could save the smaller bet size against this opponent as a bluff. If you flop a really big hand then you should look for a way to get your whole stack in the middle on the river without making any huge oversized bets at any point in the hand.

You would want to avoid betting too small on the flop and the turn and having to bet 1. It is important to plan your bet sizing over multiple streets of betting. Of course you won't be able to calculate all those percentages in the heat of battle, just like you won't be able to calculate exact pot odds and odds of hitting your draws and winning versus a certain hand range.

The above examples are meant to give you an idea what you should roughly be thinking about when determining how much to valuebet or bluff. You can save the exact calculations for when you want to analyze your plays accurately away from the poker table. This way they will be making bigger mistakes by calling, which means more profit for you in the long run.

If you're unsure about why this is a correct amount to bet versus potential flush or straight draws I'd advise you to read the pot odds guide. You'll see that this bet size will deny your opponents the proper pot odds to call with draws that have up to 15 outs. Of course your opponent will not always have the straight or the flush draw when the board offers this potential with two cards to a straight or a flush.

But because you don't know when they do or when they don't have the draw, it is best to just assume they always have it. This way you will never give away free cards where you could have gotten a lot of value from a draw instead. If you decide to play a hand and you are the first to act before the flop then you might already know by now that raising is generally preferable over limping just calling the big blind. Raising gives you initiative and it tends to weed out the very weak starting hands.

On top of that it will result in getting more value for your good hands. The general rule of thumb here is to raise 3 or 4 times the big blind and add one big blind for every limper. So if there are two players in front of you just calling the big blind and you find a nice hand like AQ you should raise to 5 or 6 times the big blind. If you raise less, then it will be too attractive for all kinds of hands to come along and take a look at the flop. If you raise more, then you are unlikely to get any action by worse hands at all.

If you are dealing with particularly loose opponents, such as at the nano and micro stakes, then raising a little bit more pre-flop could be a valid strategy. You're the button. The SB folds and the weak BB calls. You decide that you are going to raise his min-bet. Obviously your goal here is to get your opponent to fold. So how much should you bet?

Massive overkill. A player like this is probably leading out with a weak one-pair hand or ineffectually trying to steal the pot. The idea is that you have the better hand and you want your opponent to pay you off with a worse one. That said, your rule of thumb, like your goal, is the exact opposite of what it was in our previous example. You want to bet the highest amount that you think your opponent will call.

This means that sometimes you're better off making a bigger bet that will get called fewer times rather than making a smaller bet that will get called more often. Know your opponent. You're the one who has been playing with them. You should know their tendencies.

Some players may always think an overbet equals bluff; others will think an overbet always equals the nuts. Always pay attention and use the information you've gained throughout your session to decide what bet size is going to make you the most money.

I know this article probably didn't teach you anything you didn't already know. But knowing something and actually using that knowledge are two completely different things. Of course we all know how to bet, but I guarantee that most of us do not put much thought into our regular bet sizes. However, we are making bets every single hand we play. If you can save an extra dollar here or make a few extra dollars there, all that money adds up over time.

So take a few extra seconds and think about bet sizing. I'm sure your win rate will thank you. Play Here. Comment on that Cancel reply Message.

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Poker Betting Strategy Explained: The Secrets of Bet Sizing in Poker - part 1 [Ask Alec]

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See More Online Poker Sites. 1 2». Comment on that. Get money into the pot without scaring our opponents off. Bet Range. Maintain the perception of Strength. Bet Range. Extract information from your opponent. Act weak in the hope of inducing action from opponent. Put maximum pressure on your opponent to make a mistake. Put maximum pressure on your opponent to make a. Betting in poker - conclusion to this betting strategy guide. Always bet for a reason. Always see bet sizes in relation to the pot size. Before the flop a raise size of 3 or 4 big blinds plus one big blind for every limper in front of you is a very good starting point.