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Betting odds cycling tour de france oxford united vs swindon betting tips

Betting odds cycling tour de france

Sprinters dominate the pace in these stages. However, they tend to stay close together for the majority of the early stages and only push the pace as they near the finish line. The most famous stages of the Tour de France are the mountainous ones. Often the overall winner of the Tournament de France fails to win many if any of these stages. Look for the best mountainous riders Warren Barguill and Julian Alaphilippe to wear the polka dot jersey. There are two types of time trials at the Tour de France — team and individual.

Team time trials pit the entire team against the clock with a focus on teamwork. Individual time trials pit every rider individually against the clock. Each rider starts the time trial separately with about two minutes elapsing before the next rider starts. Time trials are one of the more exciting stages at the Tour de France, as it showcases each rider physical and mental abilities. Riders on the Tour de France can change gears during the race. Modern gear shifters are built into the bikes, making them nearly invisible to the audience.

They switch the types of gears they are using to suit the terrain. Also, bikes on the Tour de France may weigh no less than 6. The Tour de France runs from July 6 to July 28, lasting for 21 stages and 3, km. The Tour starts in Brussels, Belgium and enters Frances on the third day. The Tour lasts for 23 days, with two rests days spruced in after the 10th and 15th stages. Canadians will need to get up early to catch the action. With France being three and a half to eight hours ahead of Canada, some stages will start in the middle of the night depending on where in Canada.

These stages often come between flat and mountain stages. These stages are known for their quick and rolling hills, which require bursts of endurance. Hilly stages are where riders often gain the most points in the Tour de France. In , Peter Sagan won the points classification due to his performance on hilly stages. The Tour de France started in However, in the year history of the event, there have not been winners. A few years of the Tour were cancelled due to World Wars and from to no one won the event due to rampant steroid use.

Four riders have won the Tour de France five times:. As the biggest cycling event every year, there is a multitude of ways to bet on the Tour de France. First, you need to meet the legal requirements to bet on Canadian sportsbooks.

These requirements include being over 18 years of age , having a legal Canadian address, an email account and have a form of payment the online sportsbooks accepts. The next step is understanding the different markets available for betting. Futures markets who will outright win the Tour de France, Man of the Mountain and overall points leaders make up the most popular section. Bettors can also find odds on winners of individual stages as well as some specialty cycling props.

Finding Tour de France betting odds should be a straightforward task for most Canadians. As the most esteemed cycling race, drawing in a global audience, every online sportsbook should offer Tour de France betting odds.

Odds for the event should be in the cycling section of the online sportsbook. If their website does not have an easily indefinable cycling odds menu, then using their search menu and typing in Tour de France odds should redirect you to the correct place to bet on the competition. Canadians are allowed to use online sportsbooks freely as they do not house their headquarters in Canada and therefore, can offer Canadians the option to bet on single events.

While not every online sportsbook is in the Bitcoin betting business, the ones that currently accept Bitcoin as payment do not limit the sports Bitcoin users are allowed to wager. Bodog is a great option for Canadians looking to use Bitcoin for their online sportsbooks payment method. Click here to see all sportsbooks which accept Bitcoin. While PayPal is a large global company with a strong foothold in Canada, many online sportsbooks available Canadians do not accept PayPal as a form of payment.

The few that do accept PayPal as a form of payment usually have their headquarters somewhere in the United Kingdoms. If you want to bet using your PayPal account, William Hill is a recommended online sportsbook. Visit our PayPal page to see all bookies which accept this deposit method.

Depending on the type of bet you wish to make will determine when betting odds are available. The first betting option to open for wagering is the futures market, with the overall winner of the entire race opening before anything else. The rest of the futures Man of the Mountain, points leaders and the winning team will open closer to the start of the event. Prop bets on stage winners do not usually open until the prior stage of the Tour de France is complete for the day although some betting props on the famous Mountain stages can open a little earlier as they drew in more betting action than the other stages.

The quickest and easiest way to compare odds on the Tour de France is to check out our Tour de Frances odds homepage. On this page, bettors can find live odds on the Tour de France winners from multiple of our highest rated partners. There can they find the best odds on the riders they want to bet will win.

Futures markets make up bets on who will outright win the Tour de France, the overall leader in points, Man of the Mountain cyclist to have the best overall time in the mountain stages and team with the best total time. Stage bets make up what cyclist will win each stage and some specialty cycling props on time during the time trials and performance during the climbs.

Betting on the Tour de France is done by picking winners of the overall competition or certain stages. To bet, pick a rider and wager an amount on them to win the event. Some online sportsbooks offer each way bets that payout if a rider finishes within the top three or five and will payout again if that rider also wins. Futures on riders to win cannot be parlayed. However, some bettors may opt to place multiple bets on different riders to win the Tour.

There are three primary criteria for why online sportsbooks will adjust their Tour de France betting odds. The first is an injury. When a rider is injured, odds on the winner change. The higher up in the odds the rider was before the injury will mean a more considerable overall change in odds.

When Chris Froome , who opened most Tour de France futures markets as the favourite, injured his leg before the start of the events, odds were quick to adjust. The other factors are condition and Tour performance. When conditions whether it is road, weather conditions or significant changes to the field change, online sportsbooks change their odds to reflect better what riders are gaining or losing advantage.

The last is current perform. If the rider who opens with the third best odds to win the event sits in 47th place after ten stages, then he is going to see a significant drop in his odds of winning the whole race. Tour de France odds work by providing the perceived odds a rider will win. Odds take into account the quality of the rider, the strength of his team and route of the race.

Bettors can make picks on who will win the overall race or win a specific stage. If odds on the favourite to win are 3. Depending on the online sportsbooks you use will determine who sets their Tour de France odds. Sharp online sportsbooks the ones that open odds first usually have a team of dedicated bookmakers set their betting lines.

Square sportsbooks base their odds off the biggest sharp online sportsbooks and betting lines set in Vegas. They will adjust their lines when sharps or Vegas make noteworthy changes. They can also adjust their own lines if the public is hammering certain bets, and they need to change odds for profitability purposes. As our best-reviewed online sportsbooks understand the diversity of Canada and its sports market, they are our top choice for the best Tour de France odds.

Checking out our online sportsbook review section will direct Canadians to the best odds for betting on the Tour de France and other sporting events. While riders in the Tour de France work as a team to win, betting on the Tour de France is much closer to betting on an individual competition. Since it is considered very individualistic as only one rider can win a stage or lead in points reading and understanding Tour de France odds is straightforward. Riders with decimal odds or 2. The moderate underdogs range from The route changes each year but the format of the race always stays the same with appearance fo the time trials.

Entire race is 3. Pick out the best bookmaker. Before jumping into Tour de France betting , there are few important steps you can take to find a possible winner. You can learn a lot from the history of the race. For example, from to the winner was from the United Kingdom — six times. Only by looking at the nationality of past winners, you can already eliminate a huge part of the competition in a certain year.

Chris Froome won the race on four occasions, so take a look at past winners and see who will participate in the competition you are betting on. Some of them are favoured by certain terrain or climate so you should be keeping your eye on that as well. If you know how this works, then you must know about their training regimes. This will also be helpful to understand how well is a cyclist prepared for a particular event.

There are many types of cycling bets in Tour de France betting and it is important to understand what each of them means. The overall winner is the most common type of bet. It is the most simple one, meaning you just choose the rider you think will win the race. It can be easier to guess if the player will be Colombian, British or Spanish then the particular name of the participant.

If you are new in the game, you can start with bets like these, which are easier to win. Points winner is another interesting betting market , where you guess who will win the Green or Points Jersey. Green or Points jersey is awarded to the rider who accumulates the most points in stage finishes and intermediate sprints. Stage winner is a bet you can use 21 times throughout the race, as there are 21 stages and each is different. Top three is similar to each-way bet in other sports.

Here, you wager on the rider to end up in the top three positions. The top ten is a similar bet, but instead of three, the bet extends to the top ten finishers. The last bet is Head to Head or matched bets. Here, you pit two riders against each other to see which one will finish better in the race or stage. If you are new to the Tour de France betting world, you might be confused with a certain type of odds. There are three general types; American, fractional and decimal.

There is a big difference between the two, so always pay attention to the positive or negative sign. The number you see represents the total payout, instead of profit, so it is fairly easy to calculate how much can you get. You just multiply the amount you want to wager with the Tour de France odds — and you will get the total payout. To create the best prediction for Tour de France betting, it is always a good idea to look back, in the previous years.

Study the competition, surfaces and riders to determine who performs best under what kind of conditions. There is a lot of things that can influence the race but the most important thing is that you follow it like a loyal fan! Besides knowing the Tour de France odds and making a good prediction , there is one more thing that has a huge influence on your winning amount.

That is the betting house, of course. The difference in Tour de France odds between two betting houses can be quite large sometimes. You need to determine which betting house will bring the most profit. On Scannerbet, you will be able to compare the difference between Tour de France betting houses already when you open the bet.

With every bet, you will see the offer of all quality bookmakers and their tour de France odds. That way, you will easily determine which betting house has the best offer for the market you are interested in.

Teams are made up of eight riders who race, eat, recover and repeat for 21 stages over 23 days. They do everything together and each team has a sponsor which are mostly banks, energy companies and bicycle companies. All are ranked by time and one will get the yellow jersey, which represents a leader of the general classification.

These riders tend to be strong climbers and time trialists. Mountain and time trial stages usually create the biggest time gaps. Teams can have multiple yellow jersey contenders. The domestique is a helper rider, who sacrifices his climb up the general classification or a winning stage so his teammate can succeed. They often gather water bottles from team cars to pass to other teammates or ride in front of the team leader to cut the wind for him.

They will even give up their bikes if the team leader suffers mechanical problems. However, any of the riders will act as a domestique. Everyone is willing to make sacrifices for the good of the team. A sprinter is a person in the green jersey, who wins most points from stage wins and intermediate sprints. These are the fastest riders in terms of pure speed as Tour de France take place on relatively flat ground.

Those are riders who are the best at courses which are not too steep or too flat. There is also the time trial specialist, who is well-suited for riding alone against the clock. Knowing more about the race will give you a better chance to catch higher Tour de France odds. Bookmaker Ranking. You need to choose your bet first. You need to have an account to choose your favorites. Opening 5. Highest 8. Lowest 5. Fractional Decimal American. Sports betting Tips Bookmakers Bonus Bookmakers. Search result.

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Tour de France betting tips Before jumping into Tour de France betting , there are few important steps you can take to find a possible winner. Betting markets There are many types of cycling bets in Tour de France betting and it is important to understand what each of them means. Tour de France odds If you are new to the Tour de France betting world, you might be confused with a certain type of odds.

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