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With a mixture of ambitious, financially backed clubs looking to hit the big time, former Premier League giants that have fallen on hard times and ufc betting odds 15206 lower-league clubs desperate to avoid the drop into non-league, there is so much riding on the English fourth tier each and every season. Salford City, backed by former Manchester United superstars such as Gary Neville and David Beckham, will compete with another north-west club in the shape of Bolton Wanderers fixtures football league 2 betting if stoke city vs liverpool betting expert boxing fixtures football league 2 betting are to be believed. There will be shocks, surprises, thrills and spills along the way and you can count on the Squawka Bet experts to put in the time it takes to research and analyse the League Two betting markets to bring you our best predictions and tips every single step of the way. As with all of our tips, we do our utmost to get our predictions live and ready for you at least 48 hours before kick-off time. We pride ourselves on our depth of knowledge of English football too, right down to League Two and even beyond that, plus our extensive access to the data helps us to select the best bets for each round of fixtures. There are plenty of opportunities for League Two inplay betting nowadays. Whilst placing a mid-match bet used to be very difficult and in some cases limited only to certain matches, it now appears that the vast majority of games across the world are available to bet on as the action unfolds and the English fourth tier is in no way exempt from this, with live, in-play odds available on almost every single Football League match across a game campaign.

X factor odds sky betting superfecta box betting

X factor odds sky betting

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Originally named after the 57 varieties of Heinz, this bet consists of 57 bets on six selections. It covers all multiple combinations for six selections, namely: 15 doubles, 20 trebles, 15 fourfold accumulators, 6 fivefold accumulators and 1 sixfold accumulator. Like a Heinz bet above , a lucky 63 consists of multiple bets across six different selections, coupled with singles.

It covers all possible single and multiple combinations for six selections, namely: 6 singles, 15 doubles, 20 trebles, 15 fourfold accumulators, 6 fivefold accumulators and 1 sixfold accumulators. A Super Heinz bet is a multiple bet with seven selections. It covers all possible multiple combinations for seven selections, namely: 21 doubles, 35 trebles, 35 fourfold accumulators, 21 fivefold accumulators, 7 sixfold accumulators, and 1 sevenfold accumulator.

A Goliath consists of bets on eight selections. It covers all possible multiple combinations for eight selections, namely : 28 doubles, 56 trebles, 70 fourfold accumulators, 56 fivefold accumulators, 28 sixfold accumulators, 8 sevenfold accumulators, and one eightfold accumulator. A Super Goliath uses 9 selections instead of 8.

In addition to Yankees, Heinz and the other combination bets, our website will create all possible bet combinations for you - no matter how many picks you select. If you make ten selections and want to combine them into all of the possible sixfold combinations, enter your stake in the sixfold stake box and all of the possible sixfold combinations will be created as bets for you.

In this example a 1 unit bet will cost you units. System 2 If you pick three or more selections you will have the option to combine them into all of the possible doubles. System3 If you pick four or more selections you will have the option to combine them into all of the possible trebles. System 4 If you pick five or more selections you will have the option to combine them into all of the possible fourfold accumulators.

System 5 If you pick six or more selections you will have the option to combine them into all of the possible fivefold accumulators. System 6 If you pick seven or more selections you will have the option to combine them into all of the possible sixfold accumulators. System 7 If you pick eight or more selections you will have the option to combine them into all of the possible sevenfold accumulators.

System 8 If you pick nine or more selections you will have the option to combine them into all of the possible eightfold accumulators. System 9 If you pick ten or more selections you will have the option to combine them into all of the possible ninefold accumulators. In cases of uncertainty about the validity of a bet, the player is requested to check the open pending bets, or contact Support.

Unless accepted in error, once accepted, a bet will remain valid and cannot be cancelled. It is the responsibility of the player to ensure details of the bets placed are correct. Should a dispute arise about the acceptance or lack thereof of any transaction in the player's account, the transaction log database will be the ultimate authority in deciding such matters. In the case of all sports, bets are settled on the official result published by the official governing body immediately after the match or event has finished.

Any subsequent correction or amendment to this result will not apply for settlement purposes. We reserve the right to apply a dead heat reduction on any event where more than one winner is specified, with individual sports having individual settlement rules. Bets are always settled at the fractional odds.

When a customer chooses to display the odds as decimals, the odds will be rounded to two decimal places. This may cause the displayed betting slip odds to differ slightly from the true fractional odds. This shall include, but not be limited to:. In the case of any of the activities listed above, and without restricting our ability to rely on other remedies available, the following actions may be taken, depending on the circumstances:. As always, in exercising any of our rights we shall do so in a manner which is fair to you and to other users.

For more details, see Clause 5 of our Terms of Service. As part of that membership, we are a full participant in its early warning system which is geared towards identifying any such betting behaviour. In the event of a warning being received by us, we withhold the right, in our absolute discretion, to:. Once the result of an event or a market has been determined then all bets are settled immediately. Any prizes winnings due to customers are automatically credited to their account from where they can choose to withdraw them or place more bets.

The cash out option allows you to take a return on your bet before the market for your chosen selection s closes. This can be either for a profit on your original stake or for a loss. Subject to our acceptance you can cash out your bet for the return amount offered on the cash out button on your bet slip.

If your cash out request is successful your bet will be settled immediately and funds returned to your account equal to the amount shown on the cash out option on your bet slip. This bet is settled and any subsequent results either in your favour or against will have no impact on the amount returned.

Cash out is available both pre-event and In-Play on single and multiple bets on any sport where the cash out option is provided. Your request to cash out is not guaranteed to be accepted and may be unsuccessful if, for example, the market suspends or the odds move before your request has been processed. We reserve the right to suspend or disable the cash out feature at any time and its availability to you cannot always be guaranteed.

We reserve the right to reverse the settlement of a cash out if the bet or a market is settled in error for example, a human or technical error. On occasion, the Cash Out amount offered will be greater than the maximum payout limit applicable to the bet.

This is because maximum payout limits are applied retrospectively. In this instance, where a bet has been cashed out for an amount greater than the applicable maximum payout, then we reserve the right to amend the amount credited from the Cash Out to correctly reflect the applicable limit. Any bet that is successfully cashed out will not qualify for any money-back, free bet, enhanced odds or any other special offers. In the event of a retirement or abandonment in-play, we reserve the right to void the cashed out element of any cash out bet if we believe it has been used to benefit from subsequent individual sports settlement rules.

Where a bet is declared void it will be settled with the odds of 1. A bet made as an accumulative bet shall remain valid notwithstanding a match or an event which is part of the accumulative bet being void. We reserve the right, at our own discretion, to declare a bet void, totally or partly, in the obvious case of errors, or rigging. Bets can be voided regardless of whether the event has been settled or not. Use the menu at the top of the page to select your chosen sport and see in-depth betting rules on each sport offered by us.

These rules are based on existing industry standards. Please Note: where an individual sport's rules differ to any general sports rules listed on this page, those detailed on the sport's specific, individual rules page will take precedence. Cancellation terms and how they will affect your bet s vary depending on which sport you are betting on. For more details, select your chosen sport from the right hand menu. Multiple bets are not accepted where the outcome of one event contributes wholly or partially to the outcome of the other.

Bets accepted in error will be settled at a special price determined by us for all of the outcomes to be successful. Similarly if multiple bets are placed on one team to win multiple events at individual prices e. Manchester United to win The Premiership and The FA Cup we reserve the right to void such bets or to place them at a special price for the multiple.

We reserve the right to void any bet where a blatant error is made. Instances of blatant error include but are not limited to an error in publishing a price or a handicap e. In case of such errors we will endeavour to contact the customer prior to the start of the event.

However, in the situation where it has not been possible to contact the customer, bets will be void. In the event that an error is discovered after a bet has been settled, we reserve the right to void the bet s retrospectively. In the case of incorrect settlements we reserve the right to correct any error made and re-settle the bet correctly.

Such funds shall be immediately repaid to us when a demand for payment is made by us to you. Where you have used monies or anything with monetary value e. And if we have paid out on any such bets or gaming activities, such funds are not to be deemed available for use or withdrawal, and such funds shall be immediately repaid to us when a demand for payment is made by us to you. Where there is evidence of price, race, match or event rigging, we reserve the right to withhold payment, pending the outcome of any subsequent investigation and ultimately to declare bets on that event as void.

Where evidence of rigging exists, or where there is evidence of a series of bets containing the same selections s having been placed by or for the same individual or by a syndicate of individuals, we reserve the right to require claims for payment to be submitted in writing to Support. Therefore if a bet is placed on any selection that fails to participate for any reason, the bet will be lost if the betting event takes place.

However, we reserve the right to void any bet where we feel that the change of venue has had a substantial impact on the betting for that match. Where two or more competitors have the same surname and those competitors have not been identified by a first name, team where applicable or qualifying price, then the competitor with the lowest advertised price will be deemed the selection. In the event of two or more competitors being quoted at the lowest advertised price then stakes will be split between them.

The limits apply to both single and multiple type bets. Where a multiple bet has been placed which involves events with different maximum payouts then the lowest limit will be applicable. All bets are subject to a maximum payout to any one customer or as set out below, any group of related customers in any one day irrespective of stakes, odds or number of winning lines as listed below.

Other than as set out below a bet is accepted on the basis that it is the investment of one customer. All maximum payout limits apply to one customer, or groups of customer acting together, who have placed bets containing the same selections, including where placed in a series of bets, at a range of prices, over a number of days by using different accounts or different channels.

Should we believe that a number of bets have been placed this way, the total payment of all those bets combined will be limited to one single maximum payout. We reserve the right, in our discretion, to apply the following limits. If you bet in another currency the maximum payout will be determined using the prevailing mid-market rate, as provided by XE at the time of settlement.

We reserve this right where a bet has been fully completed or where a bet has been cashed out early by the customer using our Cash Out function. In an overall election, the bet refers to turnout figures as returned by Parliament in the Official General Election Statistics. If a coalition consists of more than two parties, bets nominating only two parties will be treated as losers. Next Government will be settled based on the first government formed after the General Election.

If assent is not given to any party or coalition to form a government then this market will be made void. This market will be settled based on the formation of the first Government to be given assent by the ruling monarch after the UK Election. This is based on the election of the Mayor of London as chosen by the electorate. Bets on the party nominees for the election will be settled on the results as given officially by that particular party.

If a candidate does not stand then all bets on that candidate will be deemed to be losers. This will be the winner as declared after the US Presidential Elections not on inauguration. Results will be based on the US Electoral College System, and the result declared by the individual States will be final. All bets will be settled on the given election winner, not the person who is inaugurated as president. If a given candidate is no longer in a position to stand for the election, bets placed on that candidate in this market will stand.

If an additional candidate takes part in the election, bets placed on existing candidates in this market will stand. If the electoral system of a given election is changed significantly, bets placed before the system changed will be void. For both the final and semi-finals settlement will be based on the official results on the night of the final semi-final results will not be published by the governing body until after the final - only qualified countries will be announced, and in no particular order.

Where applicable, dead-heat rules will apply. Bets are settled as losers if a country does not finish a competition, e. Bets settled on the country who finishes highest in the official final result in the final or semi-final as stated in the match.

If both countries fail to qualify then best position in semi-final will count. Bets settled on the country who finishes highest in the official final result. If all countries in the group fail to reach the final all bets will be void. Settlement will be based on the official result as declared on the night.

Any subsequent issue will be disregarded. All bets are settled on how they originally entered the competition. Any deviation, such as solo artist joining a group, will be deemed as a losing bet. Additional competitors may be added at a later stage. The winner announced on the day will be deemed the winner for betting purposes. Markets will be settled based on the awards presented on the evening of the ceremony.

Dead-heat rules apply. Match-Ups will be settled based on the official voting figures released after the award ceremony. Settlement of bets will be based upon the official result as announced at the awards ceremony on the day. Any subsequent appeal or disqualification will not count. If an award is refused or not accepted, this will be disregarded for settlement purposes and that selection will be deemed the winner regardless.

If an award is given jointly, then dead-heat rules will apply. If an award ceremony or event is cancelled or abandoned then all bets placed will be void unless the result of the specified market has already been announced. Bets may be offered relating to weather, for example, temperature, rainfall and snowfall.

All settlements will be based on official statistics published for the specified country; these can be found on the following websites:. The support team is on hand to assist you, and can answer any questions not listed in the FAQ. All rights reserved. The Sky trademarks are owned by the Sky Plc group of companies and are used under licence. License No.

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Tulisa Contostavlos. Kelly Rowland. Nicole Scherzinger. Brian Friedman. Geri Halliwell. Melanie Brown. Natalie Imbruglia. Alexandra Burke. We use comparison sites or shop around for all our major purchases, so there is no excuse for not doing this for placing an x factor bet. Odds comparison sites come in many different styles and have vastly different navigation systems, so each punter will have their own favourite.

Here we give you the low down on the big players and you can decide for yourself which is best. Remember, once you have choose your favourite site to compare odds make sure you sign up to all the bookies to collect your free bets. Odds Checker. Odds checker is by far the most established of all odds comparison sites, and although the navigation is very cumbersome for major sports such as football, it is our favourite for novelty bets such as x factor.

Other good features are the ability to see multiple bets with their multiples bet basket and a top notch mobile site. Easy Odds. Easy Odds is a comparison site that has also started offering articles with tips on the odds they display on their site.

Offering all the major UK bookmakers and a very fast navigation menu you can do a lot worse than easyodds. And for those of you on social media site twitter you can keep up-to-date with all their latest opinions by following them here. Best Betting. Best betting is an excellent bet comparison site that also offers its comparison software to many other betting sites. Fast upload speed and an easy to navigate menu system bestbetting.

Mainly for the reasons given, but also for the different array of bookies they offer. Although they display odds for many of the major UK bookies they have also thrown in several of the best European and Asian bookies. Bet Brain. Betbrain is renowned for its super-fast in-play odds comparison.

They have also gone down a different route to most other comparison sites by displaying their prices in a ladder format meaning they go from the top of the screen to the bottom instead of left to right. This lets them offer vastly more bookmakers then the average comparison sites. Read red top newspapers Tabloid papers are a great source of information when it comes to x factor but keep an eye out for scandals.

Check Twitter and Facebook With any reality TV contest today not having a social presence will be a massive hindrance. All the way at One of the striking things about xfactor UK this year is the scarcity of talent on the show. There seem to be a handful of acts that would, in any other year, see an early departure, but it looks like we could be in for a number of surprise departures if this odds on xfactor are anything to go by. If we were forced to pick one at this stage, it may well be Shan Ako at 7.

But, the value bet has got to be LMA Choir at its triple figure odds. A particularly fun thing to do when it comes to xfactor games is to have a flutter on who will be the winning manager. Yet, she was overtaken by Brendan Murray and Misunderstood ahead of the live shows and is currently sitting at third favourite.

The result? Keep an eye out on your favourite bookies to see which way the odds are about to swing. By now, you realise that betting on the X Factor UK is a big deal. To place a bet on the show, you start by choosing a contestant you think is most likely to win.

When it comes to listing betting odds for X Factor, public perception plays a massive role in who is most likely to win and have longer odds at the bookies. Ready to start betting on X Factor ? In essence, the X Factor is all about finding singing talent in four groups — girls, boys, groups and overs. The show has four judges and contestants are eliminated every weekend, with the public voting for the overall winner. There are several ways you can place bets on the show.

Top 3 Betting Another way to bet on X Factor this year is with top 3 betting, and this one gives you slightly better chances of winning in terms of x factor odds. With top 3 betting, you place a bet on which individual or groups you think will finish in the top three positions. However, there comes a point when those markets will close as the groups and individuals reduce in number. Just keep this in mind if you do want to make use of this specific betting market.

Then, decide how much you want to put into the betting exchange in terms of the odds you choose. Should your chosen contestant in fact lose just as you predict, the stakes of the other users of that particular betting exchange that took your x factor odds is yours to keep. Keep in mind that X Factor UK is a dynamic competition that changes on a weekly basis with eliminations and different types of rounds.

As the show progresses, the markets are updated accordingly, gathering up more options for you to wager on. Most bookies, including the likes of bet, Ladrokes and William Hill provide a host of information in terms of hosts, participants and judges. They uphold extensive statistics, too, placing odds against contestants depending on which way the show goes from one week to the next. To place your bets, you should make use of these important statistics, typically prepared by experts, to garner winning bets in your position.

Placing bets on the X Factor UK is relatively simple, just like betting in any special market. There are a few strategies, though, that you can make use of to help you pick who you think really does have that X Factor. The most obvious strategy is to try and predict who is the best singer out of all the contestants. These are the contestants who have longer odds and give you a good chance to identify value. A good tip we can give you, of course, is to go for the bookie that will give you the best profit for the same stake.

This should give you a decent idea of who is most likely to make it before you even place a bet. The sportsbooks we recommend are well established and licensed, and most of them have a decent welcome offer just waiting for you when you sign up to place your X Factor wagers for !