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Cash out betting unexplained mysteries betting championship

Cash out betting unexplained mysteries

Allison said her husband had made her breakfast before she left for a business trip on the morning of May 16, , and a friend of hers who was staying at the house said she had heard him answer the phone, then leave in a hurry in his flip-flops — leaving several of the lights on behind him.

His older brother Angel Rivera, a radio producer in Orlando, Florida, who is interviewed in the documentary, was among the family members who traveled to Baltimore to help search for Rey. This is not a man that wanted to leave.

Stansberry did not sit for an interview in the Netflix documentary. The publicist said he did not know whether anyone ever claimed the money. Police said suicide, that he must have jumped off the roof of either the hotel or the parking garage.

The police department did not respond to a request for comment on the case Thursday. They point to the fact that, despite Rivera suffering a slew of fatal injuries, his eyeglasses and phone were found undamaged. Allison Rivera said her husband was afraid of heights. She said she never found his money clip, a prized possession he took with him everywhere. And he had told her he wanted to start a family.

Do you have any information in the case? If so, you can send tips to the producers of Unsolved Mysteries online. Baltimore Sun researcher Paul McCardell contributed to this article. Skip to content. A poster after Rey Rivera of Stansberry Research went missing in Unsolved Mysteries is back with more compelling stories of the unexplained and unresolved.

If anyone knows how to draw the viewer in with a mesmerizing story with unanswered questions, it is the creators of Unsolved Mysteries , Terry Dunn Meurer and John Cosgrove, and the people who knew to bet on Stranger Things. It all began when Meurer and Cosgrove created the show which evolved from three NBC specials in Unsolved Mysteries as we know it first aired in and quickly became a mainstay for true crime enthusiasts.

In each episode, family members, detectives, and journalists recount their experiences , present theories, and identify suspects in the hopes that even one viewer may hold the key to solving the mystery. To date, Unsolved Mysteries has helped solve over cold cases. In the original series, each episode ended with a number that viewers could call with tips and any information they may have involving the case. The reboot is no different. Instead of a number, each episode of the revival will direct anyone with relevant information to the Unsolved website.

The first six episodes of Unsolved Mysteries are now streaming on Netflix. What Happened To Elisa Lam?


But Paula Badger, a historian who has studied the case, believes the murders were over a gambling debt. She said the inn was affluent in its day - especially because it used to collect toll money for the nearby Holmfirth Road. Could a German spy ring have been to blame for the death of a woman found inside a hollowed-out Wych Elm tree in Worcestershire during World War Two? Graffiti appeared asking "Who put Luebella in the Wych elm? Police considered the possibility Bella had been working as a prostitute or was a gypsy.

They noted wych elms were thought to offer protection against witches. One woman told officers her Dutch lodger had bragged about putting "his Dutch piece in a tree". The publication of MI5 files detailing the capture of a German spy with a picture of the actress Clara Bauerle in his pocket led to speculation last year Clara was Bella. But author Piu Marie Eatwell, who is researching the case, dismissed the theory, highlighting the women's different descriptions and that Clara lived after Bella's skeletal remains have disappeared from Birmingham University.

West Mercia Police said the reason for the disposal "was not known". Charles Walton was found pinned to the floor by his own pitch fork just a few hours after he left his Warwickshire cottage to trim hedges on Valentine's Day in A trouncing hook was in the year-old's throat and a large cross was carved in his chest, sparking suggestions of witchcraft.

Warwickshire Police said they had a loose suspect but the case was eventually closed due to a lack of evidence. Councillor Mike Brain, a former police officer who lives near the village, said: "It was convenient to blame witchcraft but the locals knew who had committed the murder. The investigating officer came up against a brick wall. A torso discovered by fishermen in Gloucestershire in is believed to belong to a Cheltenham man who had threatened to expose an illegal abortion service.

Officers from Scotland Yard launched an investigation but there was no head or hands so the victim could not be identified. Historian Brian Brooks said many people believed the body belonged to Cheltenham resident Capt William Butt, the suspected lover of dancer Brian Sullivan. Mr Sullivan was suspected of putting pregnant girls in touch with his mother who was carrying out illegal abortions, said Mr Brooks.

Capt Butt's car keys and bloodstained coat were later found under flagstones at the Sullivans' house. It was a pretty gruesome business all round. Murder mystery returns to haunt village. Murder plot woman's appeal fails. African torso case boy 'identified'. New clues in murder inquiry. The mysterious man from the moss. Liverpool City Police. When he returned home he found his wife had been bludgeoned to death. The year-old's father William, or Bill, was upstairs in bed. Detectives looked into the possibility he said "Platts", a common local name.

One suspect was a poacher who Thomas was due to testify against at court. His death was officially ruled as suicide, but his family including his wife, Allison, strongly believe he was killed because he uncovered something. Rey wrote financial newsletters about companies whose stocks he thought would rebound in price, and Allison believes he found out damaging information.

There are also several inconsistencies within his death, including the fact that the documentary says he would have had to have taken a running jump off the roof to have been found where he was. His wife says he received a phone call on the day he went missing, and then ran out of the house as if he was acting urgently.

The call was traced to the offices that he worked at, but could not be pinpointed to one specific person. The day his body was found the company put a gag order on all employees, stopping them from talking to the police. Considering the company was that of his close friend, Porter Stansberry, the police found this very suspicious.

Not only that, but a medical examiner claims on the show that Rey's shins were broken in a way which were not consistent with the fall. Plus, his phone, flip flops and glasses were found next to him and had not sustained any damage at all. A strange note was also found taped behind Rey's computer, which made mysterious references to the Freemasons and the Masonic order, as well as a variety of films. One of the show's creators, Terry Dunn Meurer, revealed to Variety that the show has sparked thousands of tips on the show's website.

By Verity Sulway. The creator of Unsolved Mysteries says the documentary has sparked thousands of leads into Rey Rivera's death Image: Netflix Get a daily dose of showbiz gossip straight to your inbox with our free email newsletter Sign up When you subscribe we will use the information you provide to send you these newsletters. Our Privacy Notice explains more about how we use your data, and your rights. You can unsubscribe at any time.

Thank you for subscribing We have more newsletters Show me See our privacy notice. Showbiz editor's picks. Follow MirrorTV. Holly Willoughby This Morning presenter Phillip Schofield shocked his co-host when he decorated the studio backstage with lots of balloons and blasted out a birthday song. Donald Trump Donald Trump 'turned red not orange' when staffers explained he had missed Vladimir Putin's call during a meeting with Theresa May - leading to a 'furious' outburst.

Throughout its decades on the air, Unsolved Mysteries has captivated audiences.

Cash out betting unexplained mysteries Spontaneous Combustion Pt. Creepy But True. SimpliSafe - Go to SimpliSafe. Pic de Bugarach Pt. Could a German spy ring have been to blame for the death of a woman found inside a hollowed-out Wych Elm tree in Worcestershire during World War Two? What happens to items lost at airports?
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Wednesday, February 10, Find: in News Forums. You are viewing: Home. Welcome Guest Login or Register. Latest news. Cryptozoology Witness reports Bigfoot sighting in California 0 comments Rick Bates had been driving along Highway near Garberville when he noticed something very unusual. Rapper has diamond implanted in his head 31 comments Bizarre Rapper Lil Uzi Vert went viral recently after posting images of himself with a rather expensive accessory.

Is this UFO video simply too good to be true? Eerie sounds recorded over Siberia's icy depths 10 comments Natural World One daring photographer recorded himself skating over thin ice - quite literally - on the surface of Lake Baikal. On the forums. Enter forum. Forum posts: Forum topics: Members:. US Politics. United States and the Americas. UK and Europe.

Natural World. Bizarre Teen in coma knows nothing of the pandemic 8 comments A teenager who is starting to wake from a coma caught Covid twice but is totally unaware of what's happening. Smuggler found with cacti strapped to her body 4 comments Bizarre A woman in New Zealand has been charged with attempting to smuggle hundreds of cacti into the country. Rare rock looks just like the Cookie Monster 7 comments Bizarre Rock collector Mike Bowers has identified a rare geode-like rock that looks strangely familiar when split in two.

Sri Lankan minister drinks 'magic potion' 6 comments Bizarre A politician who consumed a potion said to ward off coronavirus has since tested positive for the disease. Football match marred by witchcraft allegations 4 comments Bizarre A dead bat generated controversy ahead of a recent football match between Cameroon and Zimbabwe. Extraterrestrial Loeb: 'ET hates grass and thinks we're stupid' 14 comments Astronomer Avi Loeb has spoken out on why he thinks intelligent aliens may not be visiting the Earth.

ET could be harvesting energy from black holes 18 comments Extraterrestrial A new study has suggested that we may be able to pick up the telltale signs of this process from light years away. Natural World This 'pile of rope' is actually a live sea creature 0 comments If you've ever come across a coil of colorful 'rope' along the shoreline, it might not be quite what it seems.

Looking back at Darwin's 'abominable mystery' 4 comments Natural World The famed naturalist was haunted by one evolutionary mystery that proved too difficult for even him to solve. Manatee found with 'Trump' etched on its back 10 comments Natural World Wildlife officials are investigating after the animal was found with the outgoing president's name written on it.

Conservationists spot unique 'dwarf' giraffes 1 comment Natural World For the first time ever, abnormally short 'dwarf' giraffes have been spotted in Uganda and Namibia. Cryptozoology New Bigfoot documentary heads to New York 2 comments Seth Breedlove and the 'On the Trail' team are returning with another investigation into the elusive cryptid. Thylacines survived until the 90s, study claims 9 comments Cryptozoology A new study has suggested that the Tasmanian tiger may have survived all the way up until relatively recently.

Does this photo show a panther in Australia? Bill aims to establish 'Bigfoot hunting season' 37 comments Cryptozoology An Oklahoma lawmaker is hoping to establish an official hunting season in the state for the enigmatic cryptid.

Is the Loch Ness Monster an ancient sea turtle? Scientists create spinach that can send emails A recent experiment has produced spinach plants capable of sending information over a network. Ancient Mysteries. I never understood how it got there. All brand tags were removed from their clothing and there was no way to identify the bodies. Noone matching their outlook was ever reported missing, and upon further police investigations it was believed that they were spies during the Cold War.

Both cases gets weirder, the more you study them, and Norwegian police officials are still, to this day, asking for tips that could help identify the victims. Five men coming home from a basketball game one night never arrive, and are found months later, hugely off course in the wilderness with no rhyme or reason to what happened to them or how they even ended up where they were. We were drinking and one fellow, Scott, had a bit too much and fell asleep.

It was a mild night and we were all in our early 20s so we thought nothing of leaving him out there as we went back to our apartments. His place was no more than fifteen feet away from where he slumbered in a well lit area. Thing is, his roommates say he never came home. Around noon he comes staggering across the courtyard in his boxers and nothing else. We left him fully clothed.

He explains that he just woke up in a sparsely furnished apartment across the complex. His only memory of the last night is someone waking him up and walking him to the unknown location, where this shadowy person crawled in the window and then let him in the front door.

Everyone is busy making jokes but this is gnawing at me so I demand that we go explore. When we get to the apartment, the door is unlocked. After knocking for a few minutes we walk in. There are condiments in the fridge but no real food.

The bathroom is similar, with a half squeezed tube of toothpaste but no shower curtain or bathmat. Curiouser and curiouser. We grabbed his clothes he had declined to join us, preferring to simply point out the apartment and return to his place and get out of there.

Scott is adamant that the clothes were not there when he woke up, which I believe. Nobody else seemed to care about this event. Did that person live there? If so, why did they crawl in the window? Scott said he had to unlock the bolt when he left so I guess that person also left through the window but why? Why take his clothes off and where were they when he woke up?

He basically waved it off as a weird night. I will never solve this mystery. It haunts me. They go missing after a night drinking and end up in the Charles with a puncture wound from a needle. Here is the link to the news article mentioning the bodies. I know thats not the most reliable source of info but thats all I got.

No history of mental illness. We went in at about 2pm. Somewhere inside this strange area we came across an old burial ground with a plaque that talked about the natives who were killed by disease and buried here. We stuck around for maybe 30 minutes max and left. When we got out of the strange thicket of trees it was pitch black outside. We ran back to our car and checked the time and it was in the morning.

We had lots of missed calls from worried family but to this day no one believes us. She died in the process and many believe her husband had something to do with it. He reported that a giant metal circular object was hovering above his plane and Air Traffic Control told him there was no other traffic on that route.

Radio cuts out after a loud metal screeching sound and he was never seen again. All over England one snowy morning, hundreds of miles of hoof prints appeared in the snow. What was unusual was not only how far and wide the reports were, but where the prints went — across open fields and over rooftops, taking a straight path through everything where it would be impossible for an animal to make them.

One of the featured cases was the Blind River rest stop murders. The setting is Canada, beginning of Summer The sound of banging on the outside door. In the middle of fucking nowhere. The two look to each other and cautiously agree to open the door, to see what is happening.

Something unsettling fell upon the RV cabin, why was there no other cars in the parking area? The pounding only grows louder as the year-old Jackie McAllister inches closer to the door. She unlocks the latch and opens the door for the officer. The man barged in pushing Jackie out of the way, a huge, lumbering figure. His hair was long and bleached to a platinum blonde, almost white. He pointed the shotgun in their direction, on his back a large hunting rifle.

Give me all your cash. He locked eyes on Jackie, the shotgun pointed at them as she screamed frantically. His mouth sharpened to a wide grin as his eyes never blinked. Jackie was the first to move. They complied. She reached into her purse. As Jackie reached into her purse looking for cash, the man with no hesitation clinched his finger on the trigger unleashing a shotgun spread right into Mrs.

Her body tore apart, soaking the RV interior with blood. Her husband recoiled in horror. Unflinching from the mayhem he created as he aimed for Gord. It was clear he wanted someone to die tonight. The shotgun panned across the room to Gord. McAllister leapt for the window, the madman pulled the trigger again as Gord broke through the window. Gord hit the ground in the confusion, adrenaline pumping through his body.

What the fuck had happened? Gord scrambled, pulling himself underneath the RV. The man stepped out the door, his boots racing down the metal stairs to the ground. He quickly walked over to the broken window and looked around, pointing the shotgun around as he tried to see where his target had run off to. There under the RV, Gord kept as silent as he could. But he realized something as the burning sensation caught him while he laid there. It was a pain like no other as it only amplified.

And in that instant, Gord knew he was hit. The blood seeping from his body into the ground. And before him, just outside, the man — standing. The killer slowly turned and faced the RV, looking for a sign.

Something had caught his attention. Suddenly a bright light shone on the RV. Gord peered as another vehicle rolled up to the Blind River rest stop. The killer turned around slowly as the brakes made a distinctive squeal, while the car transmission turned to park with a heavy thud. The man held his gaze on Bryan as his steps picked up speed. Bryan stepped backwards, the threat of immediate danger overcoming him. The man picked up the pace, walking with clear intent towards Bryan Major.

From under the motor home, Gord watches the scene play out. Bryan gets in his car, his fingers fiddling for the keys, he looks away from the approaching man as he makes sure the keys line up in the keyhole. The key lined in with the tumblers, Bryan twisted it as fast as he could, turning over the engine and starting his car. Instinctively, his hand darted to the gear shift rapid shifting it down into drive. His foot slammed onto the gas pedal.

He was getting the fuck out of there. And as his foot tapped the gas, the shotgun fired once more — the man had caught up. He sent one blast straight through the glass with his 20 gauge shotgun, killing Bryan instantly. Bryan slumping into it.